We buy wonderful  businesses.

For over a decade, we've been partnering with founders to give them quick, straightforward exits that protect their team and culture and keep their businesses operating for the longterm.

Selling your company can be brutal…

After months of negotiation you're usually left with a bunch of legal fees and no deal.

If you're really lucky and your deal closes, your bank balance gets a whole lot bigger... then you get to watch the new owners wreck the business you spent your life building.
After going through it way too many times ourselves, we started Tiny to become the buyer we wish we could have sold to.

That means fair, fast, and founder friendly deals.
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We give founders dream exits…
"I couldn’t have asked for a better home for Girlboss. Tiny has taken the vision and run with it."
Sophia Amoruso
Founder of Girlboss
"This was our second conversation with Tiny, and the grace shown by the team there when we picked a different acquirer for that other business says as much about their philosophy as how they act when things go well. We’re thrilled to be partnering on a shared vision for the future of Letterboxd."
Matthew Buchanan
Co-founder of Letterboxd
"I was extremely pleased with how smooth a transition the acquisition was for our team and the community. Zero disruption and a seamless passing of the torch to Tiny."
Dan Cederholm
Co-founder of Dribbble
"I was impressed by Andrew's very methodical and unwavering thesis to growing Tiny's shareholding in Buffer. They were very clear about their valuation mindset (different than silicon valley investors), and they loved our approach of being profitable (again different)."
Joel Gascoigne
Co-founder and CEO of Buffer
"Working with Tiny was one of the most seamless acquisitions I've ever been a part of. Fast, painless and ultimately respectful... something that's usually missing in the M&A world."
Josh Pigford
Founder of Baremetrics
"Fundraising is a challenging, miserable process. Even worse for female founders. Andrew and the team at Tiny made the process easy, and they are there when I need them but otherwise leave me to do my thing."
Nicole Smith
Founder of Flytographer
"Tiny sets the gold standard for M&A by eliminating the typical BS and jargon you get when selling. On par with their mantra of being fast, I sold my agency to them within 2 weeks of talking to Andrew - utterly devoid of unfair dealings, painful due diligence, and drawn out conversations. Selling to them was one of the easiest decisions I've ever made."
Matt Varughese
Founder of Websterpeace
"Tiny stepped in when we needed a helping hand. Fatso was good, but we became great with a bit of additional cash, access to an extensive network of experts, and a team that was there to look out for us."
Jill Van Gyn
Founder of Fatso
"Once I got to know the team at Tiny, I could quickly see how being part of their family would take us to the next level. The fact that they made the process so easy along the way has been icing on the cake."
Ben Moore
CEO of Pixel Union
"With a transparent and straightforward process, we closed the investment in just eight weeks. Tiny has taken us to the next level by giving us access to world-class knowledge and top-tier talent. Amazing network, incredible people."
Hector Giner
Founder of Z1
"I’ve been through drawn out negotiations with potential partners before, but our negotiations with Tiny were a welcome change. Everything was agreed and wrapped up from start to finish in one month. Since we sold, Tiny has always dealt with us fairly. They take feedback seriously and act quickly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them as a partner."
Pádraig Ó Cinnéide
Founder of Castro
"When we ran a process to find a new home for our Meteor business, Tiny moved at lightning speed, kept the terms straightforward, and didn't waste any of our time, which was very different from our experience with some other potential acquires. We're very happy with how our partnership with Tiny has worked out."
Geoff Schmidt
Co-founder of Meteor
"Tiny means what they say. No hassle, no endless back-and-forth. If they see what you see, it’s as simple as a conversation to do a deal."
Brian McCullough
Co-Founder of Ride Home Media
"Tiny's given the Creative Market team a home and the resources to focus on building a great business and product. Their process is straight-forward and they mean what they say about providing autonomy to leadership."
Chris Winn
CEO of CreativeMarket
"From initial conversations all the way through acquisition, the team at Tiny clearly communicated and set expectations for each step of the process. The transition happened without any interruptions to our staff or customers with no hidden surprises just as promised."
Andrew Johnson
Founder at Rehash
"Tiny delivered as promised. Lightning quick process! More importantly, they've been the right partner for Mealime. Support and friendly advice as needed, but ultimately trusting us to make the right calls."
Mitch Crowe
Co-Founder of Mealime
"When you're building a company it's so important to find the right investors who support your vision and I don't think you could do much better than Tiny. Andrew and his team have been fantastic partners every step of the way."
Blake Adam
Founder of MediMap
Why sell to us?

Venture Capital

  • Huge valuation
  • 3–6 month process
  • Founders committed to 5+ years
  • Terms could make your equity worthless
  • Pressure to provide 10–100X returns
  • No cash to founders, just money to grow

Private Equity

  • Full or partial cash out
  • 3–6 month process
  • Founders locked in with earnout structure
  • Terms could make your equity worthless
  • Intervene and change your culture
  • Typically flip your company in 3–5 years


  • Full or partial cash out
  • Deal size ranging from $1M-$300M
  • 30-day process
  • Founders can stay or go, we're flexible
  • Simple structure with cash upfront
  • Operate as-is with no culture change
  • Holds companies for the longterm
Our process is fast,
friendly, and simple
Respond in
48 hours
Make an offer in
7 days
Close the deal in
1 month
We like to buy businesses that have:
High margins
Healthy and sustainable
A unique advantage
Like a brand, community or niche
A simple business model
You can explain it to your parents
Healthy Profit
From $500K to $50MM
Successful operations
Of three years or longer
A high-quality team
A great team with a positive culture
A positive and ethical approach
No sketchy stuff
The companies we buy usually look like this:
Growing and Profitable
You've scaled your business with real customers and revenue. It's profitable ($500k-$50MM), but you're thinking about your next chapter: either handing the reins to someone else, or partnering for the next phase.
Venture Investor Buyout
You've raised some money and built a good business with serious revenue and maybe some profit, but you can't achieve venture scale. Your venture investors need a soft landing, and you want to sell to someone who will treat you and your company right.
Co-Founder/Employee Buyout
You've got early employees, investors, or co-founders who want to leave or cash out. You want to swap them for a friendly new face who can add value and help you grow the business.
If you're not sure your business fits the bill, send it to us anyway. We'll let you know within a couple of days.
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