An overnight success,
15-years in the making.

We didn't set out to become investors. 

We started our business in 2007, and before we knew it, we had hundreds of employees across a bunch of companies. Along the way, a variety of private equity and venture investors approached us, but it was always a miserable experience.
We asked ourselves why other buyers dragged out deals for months and renegotiated over and over again. It was horrible.

Then we read about how Warren Buffett does billion-dollar deals quickly by keeping the process painless and promising founders to take good care of their businesses.

Nobody had done this for technology companies like ours, so we said "screw it" and decided to do it ourselves using Buffett's simple approach.
In 2014, we stopped starting companies and started buying them using a simple one-month process, then leaving the companies alone to do their thing.
It turned out we were right, founders loved it.

We haven't looked back since...


Companies founded


Majority owned companies


Minority investments


Global employees


Head office team

$1 Billion+

Enterprise value

We started Tiny to become the buyer we wish we could have sold to.

We thought about all the stuff we hated about dealing with private equity firms and worked backwards. It turns out, they really do make it too complicated and there are tons of founders like us, who wanted a long-term home for their businesses.

Here's how we do it:

Speak plainly

Don't waste people's time. We speak plainly: no BS, buzzwords, or stupid finance terms.

Protect culture

Don't mess with the culture that makes each company unique.

Avoid synergy

We leave all our businesses to operate independently and avoid synergy at all costs.

Make founders proud

Founders entrust us with their companies. We do our best to follow through on their vision.

No assholes

Life is too short for brilliant jerks, assholes, suck ups, psychopaths, narcissists, and all that stuff...

Leave people alone

We buy great companies, hire great leaders, and leave them to do their thing.

Our Team

Andrew Wilkinson
Chris Sparling
Austin Singhera
General Partner
Jordan Taub
Mike McKenna
Hafeez Shariff
General Partner & Tax
Ryan Hoo Fatt
Partner, Finance
Amanroop Rosode
Partner, M&A
Lisa Koronko
Partner, Finance
Dhaval Patel
Manager, Treasury & Finance
Karen Kler
Director of Operations
Michelle Trinh
Finance Controller
Caoimhe Murphy
Pedro Gascon
Michelle Kamensek

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