We own some wonderful businesses.

Since 2007, we have started, invested in, or acquired over 80 companies. Occasionally, we make minority and venture investments, but these days we mostly focus on acquiring majority stakes.

These are our core businesses, the ones that we own a majority (controlling) stake in. Some we own 100%, in others the founders have kept a chunk of equity and come along for the ride.
Dribbble Image
Metalab Image
Letterboxd Image
Pixel Union Image
AeroPress Image
Conference Badge Image
Stamped Image
Creative Market Image
Girlboss Image
WWR Image
Four Sixty Image
Designer News Image
Z1 Image
Out of the Sandbox Image
Mediamap Image
DoubleUp Image
Meteor Image
8020 Image
Websterpeace Image
Yopify Photo
Archetype Image
SuppleApps Image
Frosty  Image
Abstract Image
KNO Image
BeFunky Image
HappyFunCorp Image
Orbit Image
Mateina Image
From time to time, we see opportunities to support brilliant ideas from entrepreneur friends or great companies we've worked with. We invest about $12MM per year via our Rolling Fund. If you'd like to invest, click here.
SpaceX Photo
Boatsetter Photo
Boatsetter Photo
Waking Up Photo
Squarespace Photo
Superhuman Photo
Standard Photo
Need / Want Photo
Thrive Photo
Pitch Photo
Eligible Photo
1QBit Photo
Gifrbit Photo
CareGuide Photo
Notarize Photo
Checkfront Photo
Gofetch Photo
Woven Photo
Superplastic Photo
Uppercase Photo
Duspatch Photo
Sketchdeck Photo
Xperial Photo
Switchboard Photo
Petnet Photo
Otter Photo
Weconnect Photo
Designer Fund Photo
Argent Photo
Flytographer Photo
Broadlume Photo
The Logic Photo
Tuft & Paw Photo
Makerpad Photo
Memberstack Photo
Double Jump Photo
Signal Advisors Photo
May Day  Photo
Plasmic Photo
Vinn Photo
Sole Savy Photo
Gold Cast Photo
Superlist Photo
Float Photo
Synthesis Photo
Pok Pok Photo
Snack Photo
Casca Photo
Panther Photo
Launcher Photo
Petastic Photo
Betterfly Photo
Kernal Photo
Defined Photo
Practice Photo
Beam Photo
MUD / WTR Photo
MUD / WTR Photo
Goli Nutrition
Fight Camp Photo
Circl Photo
Outway Photo
Adolus Photo
Stacks Photo
Jar Photo
Boost Photo
Lula Photo
Metafy Photo
Mino Photo
Newton Photo
Parkday Photo
Praxis Photo
Judo Photo
Synthesis Photo
Value Connect Photo
MUD / WTR Photo
MyFo Photo
Ridehome Image
Field Effect Image
Cometeer Image
Align Image
Deal Builder
Laundry Day
Wize Bank
Cloud Produce
New Alchemy
Hydra Host
US Mobile
Instant Domains
My Wellbeing
Coliseum Media

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