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Do you know a great business (or two) that we should know about? Introduce us and earn big when we close the deal. Join our network of 100+ global scouts!
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Please review our scout agreement to learn more about the scout process and how to earn big. Agreement will be sent over for signing during the onboarding process.
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Once you have signed up as a Tiny Scout (form below) please send us an email with the companies you have in mind! Prior to you reaching out we need to ensure we haven't already been in contact with the business.
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If it looks like a fit, we'll let you know so you can introduce us to the company’s leadership. We will dive into a conversation with them and do what we do best.
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If we close, once signatures are on paper we will be in touch and your cheque will be in the mail. (Between $25,000 and $200,000!)

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We want to learn a little about you and get a countersigned scout agreement on file. We will then review and get back to you within 2 business days.
Looking forward to learning more about you and getting a countersigned scout agreement on file. Once you have submitted, we will review and get back to you within 2 business days.
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Frequently asked questions

What is Tiny’s general valuation approach?

Very much dependent on the company size, metrics and market. We do focus on profitability and cash flow, so a multiple on Net Profit (after tax) is our typical start line. 

Are there any geographic restrictions on where companies are located?

No, there is not. North America is definitely where we have the most experience, but we have also done deals outside of North America. We are open to learning more about a business regardless of where it is domiciled, but keep in mind that businesses outside of North America need to be very compelling for us to move forward.

Do you expect scouts to do their own outbound prospecting?

Our scouts typically prospect within their own networks. If you do want to do outbound please make sure that you have first sent us the company name and a brief description and we will let you know if we have previously connected with them to date. Please make it clear in your outbound that you are a Tiny Scout, and not an employee.

Do you invest in startups?

Investing in startups is not our main focus. Our sweet spot for investing is profitable businesses with a compelling product market fit and historic growth. If you know of a company that is outside of this, BUT you really think we should consider please reach out as we do occasionally make minority investments.

What is the workflow for understanding what companies Tiny has "not spoken to before?"

Please email us the name of the company, and whatever information you have, in advance of reaching out. We will confirm that we have not spoken to them yet, or let you know if we have. Want to make sure we are not reaching out to the same gems over and over!

How is "Upfront Invested Capital" defined?

Upfront Invested Capital is defined as cash paid to the seller at close. Earn outs, equity etc. are not included in the calculation.

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