We don't just buy businesses,

we build them too!

Tiny Studio is our startup machine. It’s where we find, build and grow businesses that shine.

Why start a business with us?

We apply the same principles to building businesses as we do to buying them.

And having bought, built, or invested in over 80 companies, we have a good idea about which models are appealing and which aren’t. Of the markets or sectors we love. And the ones we want to steer clear of.

We’re not looking for the next moonshot. We don’t buy into hype cycles. And we don’t get distracted by shiny objects.
We build businesses with the best chances of success. Businesses that are valuable and durable. Businesses that deliver consistent ROI to our investors and, in turn, our founders.

We love agencies. We also love building software, we particularly like SAAS and marketplaces. And yes, we’re building in AI. But we never lose sight of our North Star: profitability.
We become your co-founder
Having a ton of experience in building successful businesses, we’ll help you to avoid the non-obvious pitfalls. And we’ll work with you to uncover the most compelling startup opportunities.
We’ll allocate enough capital to take the business from zero to one. Once we achieve product market fit, we’ll further invest. You get to focus on the fun stuff – like scaling the business – rather than endless fundraising.
Centralized Teams
We’ll provide every team you need to start a business – from product design to development to marketing and accountancy. Doing it this way is more cost-effective, which means better capital efficiency and less dilution all round. Win-win.
We’re always on the lookout for seasoned founders. You’ll join a team of technologists, builders, designers, and marketers. We make building more fun and we’ll increase your chances of startup success.
Some of the businesses we have started
SpaceX Photo
Boatsetter Photo
Boatsetter Photo
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